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When approaching the design of a tradeshow booth, there are many factors that influence a design. First and formost, are space, budget, and brand. Tradeshow booths are designed to sell a brand. They should be simple enough to showcase product without distraction, but should also draw in passersby and entice them to investigate and learn more about a brand.


pearhead at superzoo

I designed a booth with a minimal budget that required foamcore walls. I had to make sure there were enough materials to build base walls for the structure of the booth and walls with graphics. Then, I created all artwork and photo composites. I also worked with builder and printers to meet deadlines and merchandised the booth for our sales team.

pearhead at kind and jugend

For this show, we shared a booth with our sister company. I designed half of booth with distinct product sections to help guide buyers. I also designed all artwork and work with printers/builders in Germany to set up all walls and floor displays. Then, I merchandised all sections and gave guidelines to the builders and the sales team.

pearhead showrooms

Showrooms differ from tradeshow booths in that they are semi-permanent displays for a brand. Pearhead has showrooms in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. Each space is different and hosts its own set of challenges, whether it be pre-existing shelves, or unknown wall height. I had to design, manage, source printers, merchandise, and oversee each showroom.