anna corso



ideation | research | design

SmartTrain is an equestrian training application that uses the horse’s heart rate to track training progress and help trainers and riders develop training plans. It will use a sensor to detect the heart rate during a ride. It is currently under development.


the research

When I began this project, I spent a long time conducting user research to find out exactly what riders wanted. Many of the extremely athletic riders wanted a way to log their rides and track progress, in a way similar to their own athletic tracking Apps. Other riders, who trained multiple horses, wanted a way to keep track of each horse's progress in one place.

the process

When designing SmartTrain, I wanted to keep the interface simple, clean, and bright. Many of the other equestrian applications are difficult to read or follow.

the result

An app that can allow riders to track multiple horses’ progress with or without a heart rate monitor.