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Siciliansk Is

Siciliansk Is

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This is a re-branding project for a Siciliansk Is, a gelato shop in Copenhagen, Denmark that sells and makes authentic, home-made gelato with fresh ingredients from Sicily. When I first walked into the flagship gelato shop, I was greeted with black walls and neon signs. I wanted to bring that high contrast and edge, but traditional style into my rebrand. My goal was to incorporate aspects of Sicilian and Danish design in order to bridge the two cultures, while still maintaining the unique, out-there personality of the shop and its owners.


the process

When approaching this rebrand, I wanted to play on the retro style of the shop, while also pulling in a bit of Sicilian tradition. I decided to pull colors from the traditional, and most important, flavors of the shop: pistachio and orange.

the result

After creating a logo and branding system, I had to create signage, merchandise, vouchers, and branded paper goods.