anna corso
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Ideate | research | design

Papirøen is a man-made island that has been used to store newspaper for the past few decades. Today, it is home to local businesses such as architecture firms, fashion studios, and a food truck hall. Papirøen is currently undergoing a complete redesign. For this project, I created a brand, way finding icons, a way finding system, a website, and an App. I wanted to reflect Papirøen's fun, modern, and authentic atmosphere as well as provide an interactive experience through the way finding.


the process

When approaching this branding challence, I wanted to play on the history of the island, while also incorporating clean, Danish design into the identity. I decided to pull colors I found from around the island and use paper to influence the iconography.

the result

After creating a brand and full set of wayfinding icons for the island. I created a color coded system to lead patrons around the island, based on their desired destination. The goal was to create a system that encouraged people to explore the island in a fun, interactive way, while also making navigation easy and stress free.