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in-store display design

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countertop display units (CDUs)

When designing a CDU, there are two things I like to keep in mind:

One, they have to be easy to ship. This means the product must be protected and any tall backers must be detachable, or serve as a way to ship the CDU.

Two, they must be cost effective. CDUs are designed to be placed on a shelf or counter and then tossed.

floor standing display units (FSDUs)

I have worked with both permanent and temporary FSDUs. When designing an FSDU, my goal is to create a display that is structurally sound, that will display product well, and that meshes with the given brand. In the case of Pearhead, we created displays that had fixed shelves for stores that carry a small, set collection of product. We also created a more permanent display with moveable shelves for stores that change collections more frequently.